Take part in case discussions that can help your professional development : 

  • You can be exposed on an ongoing basis to new therapeutic approaches by people who are using them.
  • Obtain more depth of information about established theories and psychotherapy approaches.
  • Learn therapeutic strategies for varied populations, clinical diagnoses and psychotherapy.
  • Learn how to better integrate psychological testing into assessment and psychotherapy.
  • Engage in ongoing discussions about professional issues.

Learning objectives:  Peer Supervision, Therapy supervision, Counseling Supervision:

  • Improved ability to conceptualize cases

  • Improved ability to diagnose 

  • Improved knowledge of psychotherapy theories, practices, strategies and techniques 

  • Improved treatment planning

  • Improved ability to assess progress in treatment 

  • Exposure to new treatment approaches

  • Increased awareness of Ethical and Legal issues in psychotherapy 

Peeradigm offers clinical peer consultation groups online for therapy, practice development, marketing, and networking. Depending on the members involved you will be able to obtain consultation on many psychotherapy modalities including family therapy, CBT, DBT, EMDR, IFS, play therapy, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, child therapy, adolescent or teen therapy, and mindfulness.  Imagine getting ongoing therapy supervision online for your cases with OCD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, aspergers, autism, PTSD, trauma, borderline personality, schizophrenia and addiction.