With 30+ years of experience I have come to understand how important having a support system is in my professional growth. We are all therapists and know what it takes to do our best.  We tell our patients, "take care of yourself", and that is what you can do for yourself here. My goal was to create a place where therapists can share ideas and get support in their work.  

Many people are a little nervous about joining groups or looking for help.  I understand this, so we have created ways for you to try out the groups with no risk.  First we offer the 30 day Free Trial to try it out.  When you are in a group, the group members can see and speak to each other. Try our "Fly on the Wall" option: this is where you go to a group and just listen. You can see and hear the others, but they cannot see you. You can join the conversation if you want to, or just listen.   

Whether you do psychotherapy, evaluations, psychological testing or any of the many invaluable services offered by licensed therapists, this site will give you a place to compare notes with others.  A therapy practice, whether solo, in groups, or as part of an larger organization tends to be isolating. We spend most of our time with clients and most often just pass each other in the hall. Yet when we get a chance to talk, we all know how valuable that two minute conversation in the hall can be. Here is a chance to have that for yourself on a regular basis.

Handling a full case load of patients presents many challenges, as we spend every day with a stream of people coming into our offices with their most serious problems. The words and emotions that they share with us require our full attention and energy. We can become worn down, whether we realize it or not, and regular discussions with your peers is a valuable approach for maintaining your mental health and avoiding burnout    

Choose from the available meeting times that fit your schedule, and they are always at your fingertips through your computer or tablet.  Prepare as little or as much as you want for your meeting.  Simply bring a case of your own to review or come with a professional/practice question to pose to the group.  From the first session you can begin to get feedback to your questions. 

As with any growth there are always challenges.  We will work very hard to find you a group that you are happy with and keep the system running smoothly. Problems can occur, so be patient with us and we will work closely with you to work them out.  I am open to suggestions and ideas, so feel free to contact me through the  Contact Us page.

Finding a Meeting: As a start-up company, we are offering a limited number of meetings to start. You can see the available times on the 30 Day Free Trial page. We are looking to fill the currently available meetings, so see if they fit your schedule.  As we gauge the needs of our members, new meeting times and days can be added.    

Thank you for considering joining Peeradigm as part of your professional development,

Cary Frank Schwimmer, Psy.D.  California Licensed psychologist CA PSY 27145 and Florida Licensed Psychologist PY 5736