This page contains a limited list of the information with which a Member should be familiar. Please read all of the document under "Complete Membership Info" to see the complete information.

1) To become a Member, please go to "Become a Member Now" page and follow the steps to register as a Peeradigm Member.  Peeradigm is set up as a membership program.  You purchase member benefits on a monthly basis, with benefits starting on the day you register and purchase your membership. The membership fee is charged on a monthly recurring basis on your credit card. 

2) Members can attend up to 3 meetings per month.  It is the members responsibility to attend the available meetings.  No refunds or adjustments are made for meetings not attended.  Space is limited in the meetings, so please reserve only one space for yourself.   Only current members can attend meetings. Any problems with scheduling contact:   

3) No partial month refunds are made when you cancel your membership, so please be sure to cancel your membership prior to your monthly renewal date.  Please read all of the document under "Complete Membership Info" to see the complete information.

4) Meeting reminders: You will receive an email reminder the day before your meeting and 2 hours before the meeting. The email that arrives 2 hours before the meeting contains the link to take you to your meeting.  Follow the steps in that email to attend your meeting.

5) Wiz IQ is our meeting room provider. The first time that you attend a meeting there is an extra registration step with WizIQ.  Registration at WizIQ is required for the sole purpose of registering for the class and to set up the necessary email reminders.  We highly recommend that you download the Wiz IQ desktop app for ease of access to the meetings. This download is available at the top of the page while registering at Wiz IQ,

6) Please try to log into your meeting a few minutes before it starts.  This way everyone will be in place to begin. If you are late, don't worry, just log in and join the meeting. 

7) Please contact Peeradigm by email with any questions you may have. Use the Contact Us page on this website or email us using our email address:

8) Our "Limited time offer" and/or "Join Now and Save" promotions can be discontinued at any time.  This will not effect those who have already used this feature. Our monthly rates may change, but members will be notified of any changes in advance of that change.  

9) Our Sites are not designed to and do not provide medical advice or professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, treatment outcome, or services to you or any other individual. Rather, through our Sites and links to third-party websites , Peeradigm provides general information for educational purposes only. 

10) Peeradigm is not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis, treatment outcome, or any similar information, products, or services you obtain through our Sites.  The opinions, recommendations, feedback, comments, or critiques from members are not those of Peeradigm.  While we provide personnel to exclusively facilitate administrative functions, such as starting, ending, and scheduling the order of online presentations, you are solely responsible for your own statements, behaviors, and actions on our Sites.  You are also responsible for adhering to the professional conduct and ethics guidelines governing your profession while using our Sites.  Please note that use of our Sites is not intended to satisfy your state or professional licensing supervision or continuing education requirements.